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Preliminary Programme

 “Presentation - Wellcome” 16.30h*

* Hours (CET; GMT + 2 h)


High Performance 
(24th Nov 2020)
Sport Management 
(25th Nov 2020)
(26th Nov 2020)
(27th Nov 2020)


Infrared Thermography and skin temperature as internal load indicator: injury prevention and return to play
(Ismael Fernández)

Challenges in the digitization of sports events

(Jesús García)


Formative and Shared Assessment in Physical Education. How to do it on-line. 
(Víctor López)
The Digital Transformation of Health in Europe. 
(José A. Valverde)
Tracking data for Performance analysis in team sports 
(Susana Ferreras)

Tools for digital transformation in the sports sector 

(Arturo Guerrero Díaz-Pintado)

Using apps in the teaching and learning process in PE and Sports
(José Carlos Fernández)
Virtual Reality Health and Exercise' 
(Jimmy Bagley)
Science and technology applied to optimizing strength training in teams sport.
(Javier Núñez) 
* Spanish

Keys to the technological monetization of services and products in Professional Sports Clubs

(Enrique García Clavijo)

Hybridizing different methodologies using ICTs in Phisical Education
(Fco. Javier Vázquez)
* Spanish
Computers Games 4.0 to prevent or reduce the level of frailty in older adults
(Begoña Garcia-Zapirain)
Using inertial systems in high performance in sport
(Peter Demopoulos)

Digital services in the fitness industry: present and future

(Bryan O´Rourke)

Creating Meaningful Experiences in PE
(Jorge Rodriguez)  
Wearable tecnologies in physical activity for chronic disease
(Carron Manning)

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