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 “Delivery of documentation” 8.30h*

 “Welcome ceremony” 9.00h*

* Hours (CET; GMT + 2 h)


16th November 2022

17th November 2022

9.30h - 10.15h*

Presentation Health 1: Digital transformation in healthcare

Presentation High Performance 1: Asymmetries in horizontal and vertical force production skills

10.30h - 11.15h*

Presentation Sport management 1: The use of blockchain in sports services: challenges and opportunities

Presentation Education 1: Research and Didactic Proposals for the Use of New Techonologies Applied to Physical Education

 11.15h - 11.45h*

Break time

Break time

11.45h - 12.30h*

Presentation Sport management 2: Technologies in security management at sporting

Presentation High Performance 2: The use of force platform to measure sport performance

12.45h - 13.30h*

Presentation Health 2: Using technologies in the prevention of obesity 

Presentation Education 2: Digital technology in Physical Education: Careful consideration of implementation

15.00h - 16.00h*



16.00h - 17.30h*

Workshop Health 1: Virtual reality, present and future in the rehabilitation and readaptation of injuries

Workshop Sport management 1: KPIs in the management of sports organizations

Workshop High Performance 1: Assessing physical performance through mobile apps

Workshop Education 1: Digital Tools Applied to Physical Education

17.30h - 19.00h*
Workshop Health 2: Metaverse in health and exercise

Workshop Sport management 2: Sponsorship and applied technologies for its management

Workshop High Performance 2: An in foot integrated accelerometer to track conditional, technical and tactical soccer performance

Workshop Education 2: Techonological Innovation Applied to Physical Education

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