International Conference on Technology in Physical Activity and Sport
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16th November 202217th November 2022
8,30 h. - 9,30 h.

Delivery of documentation. Welcome ceremony.

Conference Hall

Oral Presentations


9,30 h. - 10,15 h.

Conference Health: Technology and training in chronic disease: the user experience in the Renal & Go App (Sonsoles Hernández)

Conference Hall

Conference High Performance: Inter-limb Asymmetry: Calculations, Individual Data Analysis and Longitudinal Monitoring (Chris Bishop)

Conference Hall

10,30 h. - 11,15 h.

Conference Sport Management: The use of blockchain in sports services (Lucas Leal)

Conference Hall

Conference Physical Education: Research and didactic proposals for the use of new technologies applied to physical education (Alberto Ruiz Ariza)

Conference Hall

11,15 h. - 11,45 h.Break timeBreak time
11,45 h. - 12,30 h.

Conference Sport Management: Integrity and technology vs sports corruption (José Ignacio Arbea)

Conference Hall

Conference High Performance: Application of force plate technology in European football (John McMahon)

Conference Hall

12,45 h. - 14, 15 h.

WKS Health: Virtual reality, present and future in the rehabilitation and readaptation (Fernando Morales)

Conference Hall

Conference Physical Education: Digital technology in physical education, careful consideration of implementation (Jeroen Koekoek)

Conference Hall

15,30 h. - 16,30 h.

Oral presentations: Sport Management

Room 2.16

Is it possible to influence the well-being of sedentary or physically inactive workers with a three-month multidisciplinary programme? The “Activamos” programme at Mahou-San Miguel (José Manuel Núñez Sánchez)

Pinterest in sport management education: exploring its educational potential in individual versus collaborative assignments (Samuel López Carril)

Is it possible to transform workers' negative emotions into positive ones by facilitating on-the-job training? A case study (José Manuel Núñez Sánchez)

Planning models for health promotion based on physical activity in organizations and companies: new approaches and challenges for a liquid and technological world (Sara Zagra Díaz)

Technological level of the sports industry in Spain: know to act (Ana María Magaz González)

Oral presentations: Health

Room 2.17

mHealth interventions for the management of osteoporosis: a systematic review (Horacio Sánchez-Trigo)

VIRTUAL TO2, a novel training equipment designed for everyone (Alba Camacho-Cardeñosa)

Phase angle can predict bone indicators in older adults: A cross-sectional study (Alexandre Duarte Martins)

Comparative study of strain gauge to measure abdominal wall strength in patients undergoing incisional hernia surgery (Antonio Jesús García Moriana)

Randomized clinical trial based on three supervised gamified physical exercise programs with technological support: PRODET-PRECISO-EBONE clinical trial study protocol (Víctor Jiménez)

Physical demands in young football players during matchs, training and soccer tournament (Antonio Hernández-Martin)

Oral presentations: High Performance

Conference Hall

Does winning or losing game segments show relationships with internal and external load metrics in elite beach handball? (Iván Asín Izquierdo)

The use of imaging technology to assess the effects of resistance training on biceps femoris muscle architecture: a systematic review with meta-analysis (Francisco Javier Pecci)

Effects of a squat training program with moderate loads at maximum velocity with vs. without blood flow restriction (Paula Costales Muñoz)

Imaging technique for monitoring the response of physical therapy in athletes with patellar tendinopathy (Ángela Sánchez Gómez)

Association between thermal profile and wellbeing status in elite football players (Carlos Majano)

Descriptive analysis of performance in swimmers using technology for the functional assessment of the respiratory muscles (Germán Monterrubio)

Oral presentations: Physical Education

Room 2.17

The influence of Augmented Reality on student inclusion. A literature search (Alba Rusillo Magdaleno)

The integration of ICT in physical education through challenge-based learning (Evelia Franco)

How to promote and evaluate physical activity with smartbands in schools. A practical proposal for Primary Education (Jose Luis Solas Martínez)

Design based research framework for educational web Apps for teachers: wAED -Web App Educator Design- (Glòria Escobosa)

Interventions with exergames effectively promote the practice of regular physical activity in young students (Jose Luis Solas Martínez)

Munzee: An augmented reality application for Physical Activity promotion (Alba Rusillo Magdaleno)

16,30 h. - 17,00 h.

TAPAS Innovation Challenge presentation

Conference Hall

TAPAS Innovation Challenge Final

Conference Hall

17,00 h. - 18,30 h.

WKS Sport management: Technologies KPIs and sport management (José Luis Felipe)

Conference Hall

WKS Health: Serious games in health and exercise (Óscar García)

Room 3.3

WKS High Performance: Assessing physical performance through mobile apps (Carlos Balsalobre)

Sports Hall (Paraguas)

WKS Physical Education: Simple tools for physical education class (Andrés Fernández Revelles)

Room 3.1

18,30 h. - 20,00 h.

WKS Sport management: Fan Engagement That Works! (Federico Winer)

Conference Hall

WKS Sport management: User experience and digitalization (Luis Jordan de Urriers)

Conference Hall

Conference Health: Using technologies in the prevention of obesity (Job Godino)

Online - Graduate Hall

WKS High Performance: An in foot integrated accelerometer to track conditional, technical and tactical soccer performance (José Carlos Barbero)

Sports Hall (Paraguas)

WKS Physical Education: Creation of an active EDUcative breakout and use of ICTs (Sara Suárez Manzano)

Room 3.1