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Preliminary Programme

 “Presentation - Wellcome” 16.30h*

* Hours (CET; GMT + 2 h)


High Performance 
(22th Nov 2021)

Sport Management 
(23th Nov 2021)

(24th Nov 2021)

(25th Nov 2021)


State of Play: Live GPS Monitoring
(Patrick Hogan)

Innovation and Technology in Sport: Time for a new era?
(Kristof De Mey)

LINCE PLUS, free software for the observation of Physical Education
(Oleguer Camerino y Marta Castañer)

The Global Strategy on Digital Health
(Sameer Pujari)


Assessing injury risk in elite football: insights from new technologies and machine learning
(Martin Bucheit)

New digital experiences in sport: monetization for sport properties
(Joaquín Martínez)

Pedagogical decisions come first: The place of technology in physical education.
(Ash Casey)

Promoting Physical Activity and Health through Emerging Technology
(Gang Zao)


Use of Training peaks and WKO to control training load. Introduction to data analysis in cycling
(Javier Sola) 

Technology implementation in the professional clubs management
(Claudio Echeverría)

Online PE and Flipped Learning’: Considering our application beyond COVID-19
(Julia Sargent)

Tattoo-Based Wearable Electrochemical Devices
(Joseph Wang)


Using inertial systems in high performance in sport

Technology´s impact on next innovations in sport sponsorship: An academic-professional perspective
(Christoph Breuer)

Cutting-Edge Technologies for progress of Sport and Teachers: “Judo Phone Apps, as paradigmatic example”.

(Attilio Sacripanti)  

How technologies can support people to make better lifestyle choices?
(Carol Maher)

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