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Martin Bucheit

Martin Buchheit, PhD have a MD in physical fitness and another one in statistics. Currently he is Head of Performance Research at, Kitman Labs and Former Head of Performance in Paris Saint Germain. He have been working at the Aspire Academy, Qatar. Moreover MArtin is CEO of HIIT Science and Co-editor Sport Performance and Science Research.

Javier Sola

Javi is an eminent academic and CEO of the Training4ll company. He is currently head of performance of the Massi Tactic UCI Women Team. Working as a coach of more than 25 professional athletes, some of them Olympians, contributing to their success in World Championships, World Cups and various UCI events.

Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan is a Senior Sports Scientist with STATSports, a world leading provider of sports GPS tracking technology. He provides support and consultancy to many of STATSports key clients worldwide. 

Carlos del Barrio

Sport Scientist and Physiotherapist at Atlético de Madrid. Collaborator with Kinesport and Davis Cup. Lecturer at the Ceu San Pablo University. Master in S&C, Sports Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy.

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