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Christoph Breuer

Christoph Breuer is a full professor of sport management at the German Sport University Cologne (GSU). From 2006 to 2011, he was simultaneously a research professor at the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW Berlin). He has been Vice President of GSU since 2014. 

Claudio Echeverría

Physical Education and Sports Teacher & Diploma in Business Admistration. With a strong experience in the Sport Management field. Almost 20 years in Club Deportivo Universidad Católica of Chile, one of the largest and important sports institution of Chile, during this period held positions like Sports Manager and Commercial & Marketing Director. Also, he has had the chance to develop several projects to the Government of Chile and National Sport Federations in the sport management field. In terms of personal skills, he get a strong interpersonal skills and leadership, focused in team work management, with strong focus in gold achievement.

Kristof De Mey

Kristof De Mey, PhD in sports physical therapy, is working as a Sports Technology, Innovation and Business Developer at Ghent University (Belgium) where he is managing a consortium of experts called Victoris. He’s lecturing a Sports Technology and Innovation course at the same university.

Kristof also manages an initiative called SportUp, functioning as the Flemish/Belgian sport startup acceleration program.

With a special focus on societal impact, he co-founded the non-profit organization Sportamundi.

Lastly, with the objective to better connect the best sports, tech and business scientists with each other, and with research-driven industry representatives, he launched the Sports Tech Research Network.

Joaquín Martínez

Joaquin has +15-year of track record in sport management learning from successes and also from failures, strategically focused on commercial maximization, business development and planning for football clubs, large sport events, sport governing bodies and sport agencies. MLB, NBA, FIFA World Cup, IOC, CFG, LaLiga, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are some of the clients he worked for with his team. Joaquin’s motto has always been “from the idea to the execution, less paper and more hands on the ground” so lets increase revenues through innovation, data, a good team and planning in areas such as venues, sponsorship, media, ticketing, F&B and merchandising.

Joaquin is currently developing a PhD thesis in sport management. He fluently speaks Spanish, French, Italian and English.

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